SSD virtual private server fully featured including BGP routing V6/V4

Fully scalable to grow with you

The real power of scaling your hosting comes to you with our
Cloud packages. Cloud hosting provides you the ability to scale up to … the sky’s the limit. NRA networks server farms provide you infrastructure to add or remove server instances, storage blocks, or migrate databases. Our cloud servers are interlinked with underlying modern technology that helps you grow or shrink server resources right from the control panel. So if your website is expecting a traffic spike on weekends, add more servers just with few clicks. Sounds fantastic, isn’t it?

Instant provisioning

SSD and HDD We offer options to provide you modern SSDs which are noticeably fast if your website or web-app needs more frequent access and intensive operations on storage like video streaming or uploading images. You can also opt for traditional HHDs which can be an economical option if most of your content is static and cached. SSDs provide more than 20x performance but come at a cost. Feel free to talk with our 24/7 support team.

Redundant infrastructure

With With Cloud hosting, you get the biggest advantage,    Redundant infrastructure , that nobody would want to miss. With redundant infrastructure available, your hosting will automatically shift to a different server in our server farms in case of an outage or attack, guaranteeing industry-highest uptime.

Border gateway protocol (BGP)

BGP is an external gateway protocol, meant to be used between different networks. It is the protocol used between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and also can be used between an Enterprise and an ISP. BGP was built for reliability, scalability, and control, not speed.

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Business VPS
Start up your server with our high performance and low price
  • cpu CPU 4 cores
  • ram RAM 16GB
  • drives DRIVES 200GB SSD
  • network UPLINK 256Mbps
Professional VPS
Start up your server with our high performance and low price
  • cpu CPU 8 Cores
  • ram RAM 32GB
  • drives DRIVES 500GB SSD
  • network UPLINK 512Mbps
Enterprise VPS
Start up your server with our high performance and low price
  • cpu CPU 16 cores
  • ram RAM 64GB
  • drives DRIVES 1TB SSD
  • network UPLINK 1000Mbps